Keep your HVAC system running well for years to come!

Trane HVAC ProductsSky Heating & Air Conditioning has maintenance contracts that fit your needs. We schedule Furnace maintenance in the fall before the real cold hits, and we schedule Air Conditioner maintenance in the spring before those hot summer days. If you have a yearly maintenance agreement with us we give a 10% discount if your furnace or air conditioner break and we also give priority service, so if you have friends visiting from out of town or guests coming over for dinner we can get your house back to a comfortable level for you.

Our maintenance plans include but are not limited to: Cleaning cabinets, testing electrical connections, inspecting all functioning parts, adjusting burners and blowers for optimal efficiency, checking the heat exchanger, inducer motor and venting for leaks that could spill harmful carbon monoxide into your home, changing filters if needed, testing the thermostat, checking pressures and temperatures, testing the compressor and capacitors, checking for refrigeration leaks and more.

Maintenance is the key to ensuring that your system is operating at peak efficiency, saving you money, keeping you comfortable and most importantly staying trouble free by ensuring longevity. Call us today to get started on an annual maintenance contract to enjoy all the benefits listed above.