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Homeowners are frequently tempted to neglect the seasonal upkeep of their cooling system.  Why invest time and money in an appliance that seems to be working just fine?  Lots of reasons.  Without professional maintenance, your air conditioner will cost you more and more every month.  Cooling and dehumidification capacity will suffer, compromising your comfort.  Contamination of the interior workings may very well degrade air quality, leading to health concerns, and the system will eventually fail, probably sooner rather than later.  Convinced yet?  There’s no question that timely inspection, cleaning, and adjustment saves time and money.  But all service is not equally beneficial.  When you contact our dedicated team for service in The Dalles and Portland, OR, rest assured, the upkeep of your HVAC equipment is handled properly and with unwavering professionalism.

Protect Your Home With Regular A/C Service

Sky Heating & Air Conditioning protects your investment into a cool and comfortable home.  Waiting for something to go wrong with your air conditioner before servicing it is the type of reactionary approach that results in much larger repair costs.  You’ll also be faced with sudden and inconvenient disruption of your daily life.  Schedule an appointment for maintenance at a time that’s right for you.  Rest assured, the uniformed technicians from Sky Heating & Air Conditioning will show up promptly, prepared to handle the scope of the job, and maintain an organized job site.  All debris, discarded equipment, and evacuated refrigerant will be reclaimed for proper disposal.  All work will be completed quickly, carefully, and with an exacting attention to detail.  At Sky Heating & Air Conditioning, we know that the quality of our service increases the value, comfort, and enjoyment of your home, and we settle for nothing less than optimum results.

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Over time, even premier HVAC equipment experiences wear and tear.  Mold, mildew, dust, and bacteria often builds up within the system, clogging airflow, and perfectly positioning harmful spores to enter breathing air.  In addition to reducing efficiency, added strain is placed on components, increasing the likelihood of damage and premature failure.  With seasonal troubleshooting, Sky Heating & Air Conditioning identifies any small, developing problems early on, and greatly reduces the risk of sudden breakdowns.  We use only top quality replacement parts and materials, and complete comprehensive start up, operational, and shutdown checks.  When your system is properly tuned, cleaned, and adjusted, you’ll enjoy superior air quality and comfort, restored efficiency, lower running costs, and longer operational life.  You’ll avoid issues with moisture, leakage, and overflow that can result in extensive property damage.  Call Sky Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule routine air conditioner maintenance anywhere in The Dalles and Portland, OR, and we’ll take very good care of your comfort.

Expert Air Conditioning Service

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