Air ConditionerIf you’ve never considered the installation of an innovative heat pump, you’ve overlooked a truly rewarding means of home temperature control.  Combining both heating and cooling capability into one efficient system, electric heat pumps are more than just convenient.  They eliminate all the concerns of fuel-burning heaters, require far less electricity than conventional air conditioners, and are the perfect choice for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and dust sensitivities.  Because they offer advanced filtration, won’t overly dry air during heating mode, and effectively handle humidity during cooling mode, you can expect a clean, healthy, and enjoyable home, year round.  And as an added bonus, heat pumps make it easy to set up individual zones, offering greater comfort and energy-conservation opportunities.

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Consider Sky Heating & Air Conditioning as your electric and geothermal heat pump specialists.  Our fully licensed, insured, and qualified technicians would be happy to explain how these amazing systems work, provide options, and schedule convenient installation.  By carefully matching the specifics of your house to the ideal equipment, and ensuring proper sizing, location, and implementation, we deliver optimum performance, reliability, and longevity.  We handle every step of installation with the care and level of professionalism you deserve, and deliver turnkey solutions that meet your most exacting demands.  You can also count on Sky Heating & Air Conditioning for seasonal maintenance, prompt repair, and 24/7 Emergency Service across The Dalles and Portland, OR.  We protect your investment with our commitment to quality.

Sky Heating & Air Conditioning went green way before our competitors decided it was fashionable.  We specialize in environmentally responsible geothermal systems, bringing you the most energy efficient means of heating and cooling your home on the market today.  Extensively trained and experienced in the design, installation, and service of geothermal HVAC heat pumps, the licensed technicians from Sky Heating & Air Conditioning ensure a higher level satisfaction from your new system.

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Sky Heating & Air Conditioning partners with WaterFurnace, bringing you the most well-regarded and popular geothermal systems on the market.  There’s a reason WaterFurnace manufactures and outfits more homes than anyone else in the business.  Precision design, superior customer support, and highly trained dealers and installers make the difference.  Rest assured, Sky Heating & Air Conditioning is well versed in a wide variety of residential geothermal options, and provide the expert recommendations, installation, and service you need for trusted results.

WaterFurnace geothermal heating and cooling systems are offered in three basic configurations, designed to answer any situation or challenge with maximum efficiency and superior energy savings.  All-In-One Systems satisfy heating needs in the winter and cooling needs in the summer, taking the place of conventional indoor furnace/outdoor air conditioning applications.  Split Geothermal Systems offer installation versatility and can either target specific zones or condition the entire home.  Hydronic Geothermal Systems work well with radiant floor heating, domestic hot water, and snow/ice melt applications.  The knowledgeable technicians from Sky Heating & Air Conditioning will help you determine the right solution for your exact requirements, providing the information you need to make the best possible decisions.

Did you know that a geothermal heat pump…

  • generates approximately four units of energy for every unit of electricity required
  • heats & cools the average home for $1 a day
  • is considered the most environmentally HVAC option by the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • requires only periodic inspection and filter changes
  • eliminates the risk of fire, hot surfaces, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide
  • can recover the cost of installation in three to five years through reduction in utility bills
  • will potentially trim utility bills by as much as 80%
  • can supplement your conventional water heater and cut annual hot water costs by up to 30%
  • will provide upwards of twenty years of reliable service
  • operates quietly
  • relies on a ground loop system that can be expected to last fifty years
  • answers your year round temperature control needs no matter how hot or cold it gets outside