Were you aware that up to 30% of the airflow going through your house ends up in your garage, crawl space, basement or attic? Additionally you are also sucking in dirty and dangerous air from those same places. With the proprietary Sky Seal process that seals ductwork from the inside out and comes with a certification document showing how much airflow you saved we can cut air leakage down to 2% or less in most homes. Almost all manufacture websites state “Up to XX Efficiency” the reason they state “up to” is that without knowing how much air is leaking from the ductwork you can’t truly determine energy costs. In almost all cases its more economical to purchase a 14 SEER AC with an 80% gas furnace and Sky Seal the ductwork than a 18 SEER AC with a 96% gas furnace. After Sky Sealing your ductwork you will be amazed at the comfort level of rooms that used to be to hot or to cold, the additional airflow throughout the home and the better quality of the air. If you need new ducts we can upsize ductwork and are the only company in the Pacific Northwest to use special anti microbial blue ductwork. If your ductwork is not in a blue jacket, it could be growing microbes inside it. Additionally Sky Seal coats your existing ductwork with a thin layer of anti microbial sealant that also provides higher quality air to the occupants of the home.

Because we have found that almost 98% of homes have ductwork issues when a Sky Signature Series system is purchased from Sky Heating and Sky Sealed from the inside with 2% or less duct leakage we can provide the only 365 day return policy on heating and air conditioning equipment. The reason no one else can provide this guarantee is that they can not guarantee your comfort or the system performance or energy usage when the ductwork is left unsealed.