Why is there a trip charge to come to my house?

Were you aware that most companies charge either a trip charge or diagnostics charge to come to your house?

There are a lot of costs of doing business for a heating and air conditioning contractor including the vehicle, gas and vehicle insurance, maintenance and vehicle repairs. Before the vehicle arrives the company also has to pay for the phones, building, electricity, and water and sewer plus natural gas just to keep the building running. Inside the building are trained Customer Service Representatives that have the latest dispatching software with GPS tracking of your technician and booking confirmations and notifications. For someone to call us we need advertising and marketing including a website, logo and all the ways you see us so you know who to call. Once the call is booked and the technician has his or her vehicle we then need thousands of dollars in tools to perform the job, most other companies make the technician pay for these out of pocket meaning you never know if you get a guy with quality tools to perform quality work or the cheapest tool available to get the job done fast, but often not well. Sky Heating buys only the highest quality tools for our employees.

Next our employees go through a rigorous training program to adhere to our high quality standards, this takes them out of the field(and we of course pay them for it) 2 weeks a year or more plus the cost of the training which often requires travel in our specialized industry. Once we have a trained technician in a vehicle we pay for their health insurance, retirement contributions, employer taxes, vision insurance and supplemental insurance. Once we have all of this the company still needs to pay for accounting, have money in the bank to buy parts before we arrive and keep a good stock on the truck, general liability insurance and last but not least TAXES! When its all said and done we pay city of Portland taxes, Washington sales tax, employer taxes, state of Oregon taxes, regulatory taxes and federal taxes, that’s a lot. We also pay over 6 different types of insurance just to keep our company running.

As you can see, all of these things do have a cost for us to arrive at your home, however Sky Heating likes to keep it simple and when you perform a repair, we don’t charge a trip/diagnostics charge to come to your home. So in the unfortunate event that your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or ductless system breaks, you can count on Sky Heating to provide the most value for your home.

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