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Sky Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electrical is known throughout the Beaverton area for 24/7 AC repair and emergency plumbing services. Finding licensed plumbers near you is simple, whether you need professional furnace installation, duct sealing, and plumbing repairs and replacements.


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Sky Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electrical is here to help you with all of your HVAC needs including AC repair, furnace installation, ductwork, drain cleaning and more. We also offer maintenance plans as well as financing options to provide the best services for you. Schedule an appointment or call your Beaverton specialists today at 888-627-1257.

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Beaverton 24/7 AC Repair

Our team is educated, trained, and experienced at all types of HVAC repair and installation. Able to diagnose and fix any problem, Sky Heating is trusted for:

Emergency AC Repair

Air conditioner breakdowns almost never happen at a convenient time. That’s why we are always available to inspect and repair your AC. We’ll address low airflow, frequent cycling, and a lack of cool air as well as leaks, odors, noises, and any inefficiencies we find.

Furnace Installation

Installing a furnace requires professional assistance. Our installers ensure all connections are secure so your furnace can be operated safely, while our heating repair experts are stocked with replacement parts to fix problems fast. We can also replace an old furnace with a more efficient heat pump, depending on your needs.

HVAC Installation

Installing HVAC components requires experience to ensure your home is adequately heated and cooled and is free of humidity issues. If your AC unit is too small, comfort may be limited; if it’s too big, it will not run efficiently. We do HVAC installation work right the first time, and test it to make sure all is well.


Loose connections, holes, and even tiny leaks in air ducts can have serious impacts. A large volume of air can be lost, forcing your AC to be overworked. Holes can let in dust, bacteria, moisture, and more into your home, but we can resolve the problem with:

Duct Sealing

Our duct sealing techniques minimize air leakage and improve HVAC efficiency. Sealing ductwork also provides consistent heating and cooling, improves comfort, and gives you healthier air to breathe. We can also upsize ductwork and install antimicrobial coatings.


Poor insulation is a leading cause of reduced energy efficiency. We can add insulation to your ductwork, attic, or basement to keep in warm air and prevent cool air from escaping. Old insulation, which can be a fire hazard, should be replaced.

Indoor Air Quality

People spend a lot of time indoors, which is why indoor air quality, or IAQ, is so important. Air pollutants can be many times more concentrated within your home than outdoors. To address an air quality situation, Sky Heating can help you with:

IAQ Testing

We perform IAQ testing in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. If your Beaverton home has air quality issues, we can determine whether mold, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, radon, or particulate matter such as pollen, dust, or smoke are the cause. Temperature and humidity imbalances affect air quality as well. After a full analysis, we’ll determine what remedies to proceed with.

Air Purification System

Our whole-house air purification systems filter out airborne particles and neutralize bacteria and viruses. They can remove chemical odors and a variety of other pollutants too. The result is a healthier home where allergy symptoms and the potential for respiratory and other illnesses may be reduced.

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Beaverton customers can depend on Sky Heating to improve their comfort and well-being. From 24/7 AC repair to duct sealing, to HVAC installation, heating repair, and indoor air quality services, we ensure your home is the sanctuary it should be. Reasonable pricing and special offers help you save. We also offer comprehensive maintenance plans to protect your investment. For information on our products, details about financing, and to schedule service, call 541-275-2918 today.


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